Welcome to the official web-site of The College of Master Advocates and Barristers. The College is an exclusive organization formed to certify experienced trial lawyers in a manner that is based on the recognition given to experienced advocates in other common law jurisdictions.

In England, and other common law jurisdictions, specialized trial lawyers hold the title of Barrister. Senior, experienced Barristers can apply to "take silk" and become Queen's Counsel, or Senior Counsel in countries where the British Monarch is not the Head of State. The College promotes respect for tradition and for America's common law heritage by recognizing trial lawyers consistent with the traditional way of certifying those experienced in the art of trial advocacy.

The College advances the view that trial advocacy is an art, the practice of which we seek to promote . There are no annual fees or dues, just a one time certification fee. Certification as a Senior Counsel or Barrister is only open to those advocates who have a track record of representing clients in courts, tribunals, arbitrations and mediations. Those certified by the College don't just call themselves "trial lawyers"; they have objectively demonstrated that they are trial lawyers.


The membership of the College includes a number of highly qualified and renowned lawyers from several nations. Among our members are past presidents of ATLA, the NACDL and other trial lawyer groups including members of the elite Inner Circle of Advocates and Million Dollar Advocates Forum.





The Mission of The College of

Master Advocates and Barristers:

  • To be a prestigious and independent membership group for experienced trial lawyers

  • To promote the ideal that trial advocacy is an Art and that trial lawyers should always be honorable, dignified, respectable and learned practitioners of that Art

  • To provide a forum through which experienced trial lawyers may share information and ideas and provide other assistance to members of their profession.

  • To recognize and respectfully emulate the tradition, followed in England and other Common Law Jurisdictions, of recognizing and honoring those experienced in the art of oral and written advocacy.




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