Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Why was the College founded?

The USA is one of the only common-law jurisdictions that does not have a hierarchy among specialized trial advocates. For example, in England the title of Barrister is given to specialized trial lawyers. The rank of Queen's Counsel can be awarded to senior, experienced Barristers in England. This traces its origins back many centuries; this hierarchy also exists in other common law jurisdictions where the Queen of England is still the Head of State. In common law jurisdictions without the English Monarch as the Head of State senior barristers or advocates hold the title of Senior Counsel. This hierarchy recognizes the skill and experience of specialized trial lawyers.

The College was founded in an attempt to recognize and help give publicity to experienced trial lawyers in a way that is consistent with, and that honors, an age-old common law tradition.


  • Who founded the College?

The College was the idea of a group of trial lawyers who wanted to emulate this dignified and time honored way of recognizing those who are experienced in the Art of Trial Advocacy. Jeremy Tanner, a civil trial lawyer from North Carolina and his law partner Peter Romary, a native of England took the initiative and helped get the College off the ground. The College has members from 46 states in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii as well as members from Israel and England.

  • Who should join?

Certification as a Barrister or Senior Counsel is only open to experienced trial lawyers. We hope that any experienced trial lawyer with a sense of tradition and heritage, that wishes to have their experience and skill recognized will join. Membership is by invitation only. Only the College or Senior Counsel members of the College may invite other qualified trial lawyers to join. Our members include Past Presidents of ATLA, the NACDL as well as members of the elite Inner Circle of Advocates. We also have as members numerous other preeminent trial lawyers whose work has been recognized on the State, National and International level.

  • Why should I join?

Membership of the College as either a Barrister or Senior Counsel allows you to display your experience and skill in a traditional, dignified and professional manner. For centuries distinguished trial advocates have been recognized consistent with this manner for their skill and expertise as the modern day "knights errant" of the law. There are no annual fees or dues; all memberships are for life. Additionally, we hope that Members will use the College as a networking resource for the referral of cases. The College encourages all those who are certified to put out a press release announcing their certification and the tradition that it follows. Additionally, all Members receive elegant certificates that they can display in their office, reception area or conference room that will let clients and adversaries know what they have achieved and what their membership denotes. Additionally, Senior Counsel and Barrister members will receive a listing on our web-site.


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