Membership Requirements


There are two categories of membership in The College of Master Advocates and Barristers:

  • SENIOR COUNSEL-This category is based on the concept of Queen's Counsel or Senior Counsel in Common Law Jurisdictions, it requires at least 6 years of post admission experience in addition to appearing as an Advocate in over 75 contested proceedings.

  • BARRISTER-Requires at least 2 years post admission experience and over 30

    appearances as an Advocate in contested proceedings. (Contested proceedings

    include representation of a client in an adversarial setting such as a bench or jury

    trial, tribunal hearing, arbitration, mediation, motion hearing or appeal).

Membership in the College is by invitation only. Only the College or a Senior Counsel may invite a qualified trial lawyer to join. If you are qualified for membership and you are interested in joining but you have not received an invitation please fax or mail us a letter briefly stating your date of admission to the bar, your professional memberships and experience and you will be considered for an invitation.




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